Peter Storm Jewelry Care

Every Peter Storm piece is carefully crafted so that it will last you a lifetime. Taking proper care of your jewelry, however, will help your rings always look their best. Here are some basic guidelines to taking care of your Peter Storm jewelry so that you always look like you are wearing a brand new piece.

Wearing your Peter Storm Engagement Ring

While we encourage you to wear your Peter Storm jewelry everyday, there are general rules to keeping your pieces looking their best.

  • Remove jewelry during chores and exercising: harsh chemicals and cleaning products can discolor or damage precious stones. Bleach will harm your jewelry. In addition, physical blows to your jewelry can loosen stones or damage the metal of your piece.
  • Soap and jewelry do not mix: even gentle hand soaps can make your diamonds look cloudy and dim. Use jewelry cleaner.
  • Put on makeup before jewelry: perfume, hairspray, and some makeup contain chemicals that may discolor or damage your Peter Storm piece. Putting on your jewelry after your makeup will protect it and keep it looking fresh.
  • Avoid swimming while wearing your jewelry: chlorine and other chemicals found in swimming pools and hot tubs can discolor or damage your jewelry.

Cleaning your Peter Storm Engagement Ring

In general, we recommend using a jewelry cleaner. Rubbing alcohol can be used if there is no cleaner available.

While you can use a machine to clean your jewelry, you can also simply use a soft bristle toothbrush to apply jewelry cleaner with warm water. Only use soft bristle, and be gentle. You do not need to scrub–lightly brush to get the best results.

Do not attempt to clean damaged jewelry. Please bring the piece into a Peter Storm retailer and they will send us the piece to repair for you.